Scared Mummy tells Mum about Scary Mommy

Confused? Me too. Last week I had a text message conversation with my Dad. It went something like this…

Me: Great news! I’m being published on Scary Mommy, the site I’ve been telling you about.

Dad: That’s brilliant! Well done love. 

Me: Now for the bad news… My article contains 3 swear words, and you have to tell Mum. 

Dad: It’s ok, I’ve just showed her your text.

Me: !!!!!!

Dad: She says which ones?

Me: The S word, the A word and the C word.


Me: Oh hang on – not that one Dad!


Me: Crap Dad! Crap!

Dad: Sorry, was just picking your mother up off the floor.

15 minutes later

Mum: I’m so proud of you love, I’m sure it will be fine and I’ll love it. Please don’t worry about the swear words, what do I know!

Proof that a mother’s love is indeed, unconditional. Sorry Mum. 

To read my debut post on the fabulous Scary Mommy click here (it will also answer a few questions about the return leg of ‘that‘ train journey in August.)



    • Thanks Barb! It wasn’t our finest hour. (Although to all the commenters questioning/slating my parenting, all I could think was: wow! If only you knew how badly I handled to journey TO our destination, you would be even more mad!!)


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