This is where we keep the biscuits…


We don’t. At least I haven’t found that widget yet, but hopefully you’ve been tempted over here to learn who ‘we’ are.

“I spend so much of my time ‘managing’ my life I’ve recently realised I’m missing out on enjoying it. I set myself a completely boring list of things I wanted to do. Amongst the list of tidying tasks and wildly aspirational ‘travel the world’ I decided I wanted to blog. About my life, my bloody ridiculous wonderful but farcical life. The fact that it’s 01:24 and there’s an 11 month old baby climbing the headboard next to me, says it all really.” July 2014

This is how this all started. Last year I decided to bite the bullet and start the blog I’d been thinking about since my son was born in 2009. It’s not really a blog about my approach to parenting… I’m not even sure I can profess to have one (unless it’s always have a roll of small bin liners in the car, and don’t assume you can carry 10 items of shopping without a basket and attempt the self service check out. Just don’t). You won’t be lectured judged or advised by me, that’s for sure! It’s a place to share my take on life in your thirties, surviving, laughing and sometimes despairing along with a husband, three children and an increasingly naughty ginger cat.

I have given up my job as a secondary school teacher in the pursuit of something that can fit around my family; aspirations include getting my nonsensical writing published somewhere (I know right?) and spending my day dreaming up new ways to convince my children to eat broccoli or become sensible human beings (you can’t have both, I reckon).

Oh, and we’re that family that ridiculous things always seem to happen to. You all know one…

Welcome, I hope you decide to stay a while!

PS if you do want to publish any of my nonsensical ramblings… drop me a line, I’m currently being paid in play-doh and recycled buttons.



  1. Um, were we separated at birth…?!! Except for the fact we look nothing alike (and you have shinier hair than me…). We’re THAT family too, with a ridiculously wonderful but farcical life. Looking forward to following your chaos of three kids and an annoying cat, and comparing it to my own chaos of three kids and an annoying cat😊


    • Hurray – WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES!! I love your blog and laugh heartily and nod furiously as I read them – as you say, our lives have so many parallels (my hair was shiny on one photo – I promise!) thank you for reading and more so for writing and making me laugh.
      Ps – cats… Seriously, what’s the deal??


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