When Big Trouble in Little Nappies took on…well, us!

Some weeks ago. At home.

*Email notification*

Me: *Squeals excitedly, does lap of living room*

Husband: Is that the Tesco vouchers?

Me: Even better!

Husband: Go on…

Me: I’ve been accepted as a guest blogger on Big Trouble in Little Nappies!

Husband: …

Me: That lovely lady Yvette I told you about?? She’s accepting guest posts… I applied…

Husband: …

Me: I swear you never listen to me.

Husband: Yes I do. Yvette’s visiting as a guest. (Have I met her?)

Me: Now you’re just winding me up.

Husband: *Gives me awkward arm punch* Well done, nob head.

Me: Thanks.

Long pause

Husband: Seriously though… Has she read your stuff?? *gets hit over the head with the IPad.

Behold! It is true! The wonderfully talented Yvette at Big Trouble in Little Nappies has agreed to let me guest post on her fabulous blog. (You should follow her here, she will show you how it should really be done).

Thanks lovely Yvette, (from a hugely grateful over-excited ‘nob head’)

PS: Also, thanks to my utterly fabulous blogging pal Julie at Mummy Spits the Dummy for telling me to go for this opportunity. You rock. (Follow her too).

Off to get the Spag Bol on the go…



  1. Ahh, so funny! Tesco vouchers also cause for much squealing here…
    I didn’t know you “knew” Julie – small world this blogosphere! Love both your posts – you’ve got the guest series off to an awesome start – thanks so much for taking part!


    • Everyone loves a good Bella Italia courtesy of Tesco! Julie and I frequently enjoy virtual high fives and apparently live a remarkably similar lives on opposite sides of the planet! Possibly a good thing, I suspect we wouldn’t get much done if we were within distance to enjoy a *brew together.


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