You can’t beat a bit of humdrum

I blinked, and missed February.

Seriously, I’m not quite sure I can remember a time when a month has disappeared so quickly, with so little to show for it. Life has been humdrum, ‘You can’t beat a bit of humdrum’ my mum always says. This is very true, but interesting writing humdrum dost not maketh.

The headlines from February in our house mainly revolved around making sure myself and my husband were in the same place – not even necessarily once a day – just at some point during the week! And if we weren’t, it was about ensuring one of us was home to look after the children. When even that was a struggle, Super Mum donned her cape and hurtled down the M5 to rescue us (the children). That was the highlight.

Sanity. Warmth, reason and comfort. It did our entire household endless good to bask in it.

The boy, is over the flu – at last. He runs everywhere once again, he’s football mad and up at dawn. He’s gobbling everything with an insatiable appetite: food, sport, football cards, the joys of torturing small sisters and answering back. I never thought I’d be so pleased to say, he’s full of mischief yet again.

Big girl knows everything. It’s a fact. And if you don’t happen to know something she doesn’t know…she’ll let you know, a few times. Every minute. Also, she won’t wear that, or that, or even contemplate that. Unless she chose it before you.

The baby – is talking non-stop. Mostly gobbledygook but we can communicate and see the beginnings of reasoning. This is quickly extinguished by the frequent, irrational and terrifyingly intense temper tantrums she has. Beyond ridiculous! But I get it. She’s the youngest of 3, she needs to be heard, be different and she’s already (at 18 months) trying to make her way in the world. Or give us a nervous breakdown.

So what have I achieved in the last short month, that prevented me from updating my beloved blog?

  1. My husband is converting the loft with the help of his Dad, brother, friend… and any other poor soul who gets called round for a ‘look’. This means that for a lot of the weekend I am flying solo with the children. Or more accurately, outnumbered, outwitted and out-of-pocket 3:1.
  2. I have marked my height in exercise books. That’s probably not true,  but it certainly feels like it.
  3. I have been glued to amazing TV in every spare moment (Broadchurch group texts with friends have taken up entire Monday evenings).
  4. I have been boring, beyond belief.
  5. I have turned the habit of procrastinating into a finely tuned art form.
  6. I have wiped a nose 46,789 times (34,543 of those were on the same child).
  7. I have endured the embarrassment of my husband spilling port on the carpet at the home of some of our friends. Twice. 30 seconds after telling me ‘I am a grown up, you know!’ when I told him to be careful.
  8. I witnessed 50 Shades of Grey, which disconcertingly, was less controversial than the fight that almost broke out a few rows away from us, between a lady with a ‘distinctive’ laugh and a lady who found that laugh slightly irritating (those were not the words she used). Ok, this one isn’t humdrum, just amusing.
  9. I was a whole month late in posting my friend’s birthday present.
  10. In an attempt to lose some weight I survived the 5/2 diet. And day-dreamed a lot, about cheese. (see 5)

So, March needs to be more creative, more filled with the promise of what 2015 has to offer (other than the occasional Berocca and falling asleep before the musical number on The Graham Norton Show). Spring is on its way, the clocks will leap forward and Easter will be here before we know it.

Humdrum is ok… but it doesn’t hang around for long in my experience. I can bet any money the next time a family drama hits us, I’ll be thinking about this post, wistfully wishing for the days of mediocrity and repetition to return.



  1. Brillkiant, missed it although for me February was a quiet month when said caped crusader was winging her way down the M5! Keep up the excellent work and don’t forget February is always a short month!


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