Just because.

A conversation:

‘Why do you have to do what your parents tell you?’
‘Because they usually know best.’
‘What if they don’t?’
‘How do you mean?’
‘Some peoples’ parents are always wrong, you say so.’
‘Er… Do you think I know best?’

‘When do I get it wrong?’
‘When you tell me to come off the iPad.’
‘Do you think that’s wrong?’
‘Yes. Oh, it’s very wrong…’
‘And why is that, may I ask?’
‘Because today when you did it, I was learning how to land a plane. If I want to be a pilot that might really cause a crash-‘
‘- Because I got you to come off the iPad?! I think you need a little more training than a free game on the iPad to qualify as a pilot, you know.’
‘Well, maybe. But still, if it happened, people would know you were wrong. They’d tell the news and everything
‘Wow. All because I tried to stop you melting your brains.’
‘I know! Pretty bad… So… Why do you have to do what your parents tell you all the time?’
‘Just because, love.’
‘Can I go back on the iPad?’


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